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Source Nectar

Remember Your Roots

Disconnect leads to dis-ease. 

We are experiencing a massive, collective disconnect from:

Nature. Wholesome foods. Pure air, land, and water.

Community. Support systems. Teamwork.

The body. Knowing what it needs.

The heart. Knowing how it guides.
The spirit. Honoring it daily.

Processing of emotions. 
Cultivating energy flow.

Releasing past.



So humans unknowingly create illness. And we are unsure how to heal.
We do not know where to begin, or even, how to speak of it.

By the time one realizes they need change, it has been years,

decades in the making.

We need guides, yet the people we're directed to are
leaders in the disconnection.

They promote temporary coverings

but they never touch the roots.

Healing asks that you let go of everything you think you experience that which is True.

Are you ready to open?


“Ever since we had our session, I have been able to explore detoxification on a deeper level and truly rid myself of certain baggage that was previously weighing me down.” 

— Haley D.

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