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How I Healed Depression, IBS, Chronic Fatigue, Eczema | FRUIT DETOX

How I Healed Depression, IBS, Chronic Fatigue, Eczema | FRUIT DETOX

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Holistic Wellness Guide

Divine Channel

Certified Detox Specialist

Former Mental Health Counselor

B.S. in Psychology

Registered Yoga Teacher 200

Reiki Practitioner

Living, but I didn't feel very alive...

I was lost for a long time before I realized I didn't need to do any seeking. That's the trap that keeps us feeling inadequate.

There are no answers that are external. Yet, there are many tools that can lead us inward to the Truth.

I used to say that my health issues brought me to this space of Knowing. In reality, my decades of emotional and spiritual struggles are what manifested into my physical issues. 

That is the magic that we are. Our inner world creates our experience with our outer world. 

My depression wasn't motivating enough to get me to the places I was destined to reach. So my body got sick to propel me into the discovery that I can create any reality that I desire, if I have enough drive and honor myself and Spirit above all else.

By treating my body like a temple, I discovered the sacredness that is Self. 

I found my Self through the Body.


I guide others through this space of exploring unknown with ease and accurate information. I aim to share the success I’ve experienced with others who are seeking.

We deserve to liberate ourselves from pain.

We are each our own Healer.

At 23 years old, I began searching for answers to my plethora of symptoms and kept coming up short. I decided to take charge and figure out my health on my own.


After years of research, trial and error, and formal education, my path led me to a raw plant-based diet focused on alkalinity, hydration, and wholesome foods.


Every single symptom I have ever experienced is being healed through natural foods, holistic healing modalities, energy work, and emotional release.


Instead of suppressing the body, this lifestyle aids the healing of root causes with each passing day.

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