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  • An analysis of tissue weakness 
  • 1 hour phone consultation
  • Detox recommendations and guidelines
  • Herbal recommendations, dosages, and uses
  • A detailed PDF including all of the above 
  • Marked up digital Iris photos with labels


The iris is connected to every organ and tissue of the body by way of brain and nervous system. The nerve fibers in the iris directly respond to changes in body tissues. The study of Iridology reveals tissue condition, where it is located, to what degree it is manifesting, toxic accumulation, your constitution (ability to heal fast or slowly), and genetic predispositions for conditions. It is also a preventative tool, as Iridology can forewarn of approaching difficulties since tissue changes occur before symptoms emerge. To be properly aware of our health level, we must know where our weak tissues are located. In this way, we can work to strengthen them, while avoiding those habits and practice that makes our tissues weaker.

Iris Analysis

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