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  • 1 hour initial consultation
  • Detox meal plans updated weekly based on performance
  • Recipes and educational PDFs about detoxification, exercise, and herbs
  • Advanced guidance to solidify new habits and mindsets
  • Weekly support and encouragement via text and email
  • Weekly detox update consultations
  • Mental and emotional counseling 


*Unlike other one-size-fits-all programs, this service focuses on meeting you where you are. It is extremely personalized and is readjusted each week to focus on your strengths and keep progress reaslistic. This program is rooted in educating you so that you have the tools and confidence to navigate your health journey on your own even after completion. You will learn how to understand your body, how it thrives, what symptoms are communicating to you, and will be given a plethora of tools to handle any detox situation that arises.

Jumpstart 4 Week Detox Program

$444.00 Regular Price
$359.99Sale Price
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