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"Angelica truly held space for me and made me feel understood, empowered, and inspired to make these changes."

"It took only 2 weeks to see a noticeable change, and by week 3 going into week 4 my skin was as clear as it had been pre-diagnosis (5 years prior)."

"I must say that I purged so many old emotions, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, as well as physical mucus and GI tract waste."

"Angelica helped me find another path to making myself better. She was to-the-point and very knowledgeable. She was kind and understanding, offering great advice and direction.


I recommend her service to anyone who is exploring the realm of holistic healing."

- Andrew C.

Working with Angelica is a pleasure. She provided so much love, support, and wisdom during the session. I benefited most from the clarity that her services brought me.


I thank Angelica for being immensely knowledgeable about health and detoxification, and teaching me what steps I must take for deeper healing. She is a great person to work with for people like myself, who are seeking a nonjudgemental and intelligent approach to health situations.


Ever since we had our session, I have been able to explore detoxification on a deeper level and truly rid myself of certain baggage that was previously weighing me down.

I love you, Angelica!”

- Haley D.

I was vegan for two years prior to becoming pregnant with my daughter, who is now 11 months old. During my pregnancy I reintroduced salmon, eggs, beef, and some processed foods. I gained twice the amount of weight I should have during pregnancy, going from 127 to 180 lbs. After giving birth, I began shifting into a plant-based lifestyle, but I noticed a huge lack of energy that I had never experienced before. I was consistently suffering from insomnia, depression and anxiety that I had overcome in the past while utilizing a plant-based lifestyle and yoga. This time around I could sense that my vessel was asking for a deeper healing.


I was following Angelica on twitter (@sourcenectar) and witnessing her experiences with detoxification and a fruitarian diet. She is a truly beautiful channel of divine insight that is constantly flowing and for that I am extremely grateful. 


Angelica's services provided me with a very detailed assessment and helped me to understand what my body was trying so desperately to communicate to me. My issues are manifesting from fatigued adrenal glands, kidneys, pituitary glands, and liver. Angelica assisted me in finding many herbs that are now aiding my glands and organs to work more efficiently.


Angelica has also provided me with many personal healing practices that I have yet to fully integrate, and look forward to beginning. Besides sharing all the insightful healing advice, Angelica truly held space for me and made me feel understood, empowered and inspired to make these changes.


I have begun implementing about 1/3 of the herbs that Angelica recommended, and I have seen a huge difference in my energy, libido, and hormones. I highly recommend following your intuition to work with Angelica because she will absolutely be able to help anyone understand how we can assist our bodies in detoxing and healing. 

Meet Gabriela...

Meet Allison...

I have been suffering from tinea versicolor for over 5 years. Tinea versicolor presents itself as a rash with small, red spots. I had quite an aggressive case, which began to show first on my stomach, then spread to my shoulders, neck and the majority of my back.


I was unable to wear the two piece bathing suits that I desired out of fear of embarrassment. I had tried traditional medicine, in the forms of topical ointments and pills, but they only seemed to mask the issue. Research on holistic healing gave me great faith that it would actually get to the root of the problem.


After making the dietary changes recommended by Angelica, I feel as though I finally have a sense of control back in my life. It took only 2 weeks to see a noticeable change, and by week 3 going into week 4 my skin was as clear as it had been pre-diagnosis.


Tinea versicolor caused me a lot of mental distress and was my biggest insecurity. This summer, I wore a bikini for the first time in almost 2 years. The amount of freedom I experienced as I removed my coverup, unashamed, and felt the sun on my skin is indescribable!


Angelica provided insight to many functions of that body that I had never even considered, and left me with a wealth of information on how to combat the issues I was having. Seeing the physical changes that manifested after following the recommendations, and how rapidly they occurred, was mind-blowing.


Beyond the physical, there were noticeable changes in my mood, mental clarity, and thought patterns. There was a radical internal shift that took place when I finally decided to heal naturally. I became much more aware of my body and better able to discern what I needed to properly fuel myself.


I finally broke free of negative thought patterns that kept me in a perpetual loop of feeling sorry for myself or as if I had no control over what was happening to me. After our session, I gained an entirely new appreciation for what my body does for me, and what I can do for it in return to reach optimal health.

Angelica is truly a breath of fresh air. I was instantly put at ease during our phone call by her calm professionalism and lighthearted demeanor. Not once did I feel judged or as if I was not sincerely cared about. The passion that she exudes while describing the healing journey is infectious, and made me excited and extremely confident to embark on this beautiful process.


Having Angelica follow up periodically to see how I am progressing has been such a pleasure. She has without a doubt positively altered my physical and mental well-being, and I cannot thank her enough for it.

Meet Michael...

I wanted to work alongside Angelica based off her experiences and knowledge. It was a way to deepen my own experience eating a higher intake of fruit, which had led to more energy, clarity, and healthier bodily functions.

I chose to do a full-spectrum, 12-week herbal protocol with proper diet and fasting. The package included meal plans, weekly check-ins, bi-weekly phone calls, as well as other resources I found useful during the experience.


Detox was mainly a physical idea for me before I began digging in. So many cravings and emotions that I had pushed down for so long began to come up. The emotional and mental guidance Angelica provided was a cornerstone in her services. Even though the work was all mine to be done, it was comforting to have support during the protocol.

After all the herbs, fruits, and fasting, I must say that I purged so many old emotions, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, as well as physical mucus and GI tract waste. It wasn't always easy, but looking back I laugh at those moments. I laugh because I know what it feels like to make consistent choices which bring you to complete wellness.


I feel I healed many, many different things, and I now see how related they all were. The herbal protocols, guidance, support, and resources are all part of the wonderful service that Angelica offers.


I would highly recommend her as a health consultant and trust her abilities.

"What I most appreciate about our connection was that she gave me the tools to continue this journey on my own,

and that this only aids the unfolding of our friendship.”

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